she was telling me about her father and some of the things that they did together that were borderline molestation.


emotional incest

I told her he did this because of how much he loves you, cares about you and wants to make you happy. Because he

knows just how to make her happy. After I came in her mouth, I saw tears in her eyes. I

had stumbled onto a very uncomfortable truth for her. A place in her life where she

finds a huge amount of unhappiness and grief, but it is also a place where she finds

her deepest and most profound sense of joy. She is a serious emotional masochist, but

I love it. She would do anything for her father, no matter how screwed up he is. When I

broke it off with her, (not because I wanted to) I told her to marry a guy just like me because I’m wild like her father

and ultimately that is why she chose me, not because I’m wild; but because  I emotionally molested the shit out of her like her father.

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