value messages

the value messages that i send you
into your brain so far and down
so far and down and bent around
awound and and a uhwound

cleary not hearing well that day that day was
well a well
a deep cavity you call depravity


up in thererear

i busted a nut because of you
that’s what you made me do, you made me do
i busted a nut over you
and you did chew and you did chew
all the cum that flew
and you were through, yes you were thra roo

i bounced you around the room like a kangaroo
and you did flew yes you did flew
i bounced you around the room like a kangaroo
and you were through, you were through
i bounced you around like you were at the zoo
and with the monkeys too
yes you were with the monkeys too

i busted a nut inside your flue
yes your labial pipe too
up inside of you
i busted a big ole nut floozy you

i choked you you floozy you
i cut off your air so much
you looked like syracuse
yes that was you
choked like syracuse

i first saw your tight ass inside a pew
and i went woo
i saw your ass tighten inside its pew
hole and i went fwoo

Humanity, Otherwise

The knowledge of Death creeps up on us as we age

like the first time you smoked kind bud

We must have the latest status find crud

Why would any other religion replace the latest rage



Vagazzler in the front

skank bag in the back

That White Bitch is fucking saucy

Didn’t She marry that punk rick?


Diamonds and pearls

So who wins?

The bigots or the blacks?

Bada boom bada bing!

vanessa, poetry and chess

you told me something once

and at the time

it didn’t blow my mind

as it was elsewhere

but in the meantime


my high school sweetheart

i never rested on your every word

my darling angel

in fact mostly you were quite absurd


but my little snowflake

i jested in the pond

and wondered why i loved to wander

majestic in your spawn


superior in our anger

younger than the entire world

hungrier, more naked

i always held you over the doorways in my mind



and there you sat my fucking lover

there beside me in the chess halls of bob jones

that is when you then began to SYMBOLIZE

the loving movements in my inspired heart


but as always my battle was before me in the

tables and wooden pieces dancing around the light

and black squares

but we were the coolest ever

and we never thought otherwise

instead the messages were in our eyes

Not Hidden.


I just wanted to blow something up.

just wanted you to orgasm



in a cypher, you were crying your damn beautiful eyes out


you told me the most alarmingly dainty and invisible diplomacy you could

that i should just play chess and write poetry


and that moment i will never forget

or the dress you were wearing and the lovely

WHITE trash coat with red stripes around your arms


big blond hair bodacious little body

your always laying it down in front of me

i love you i love you forever

i never loved another


ain’t that sad


and then a little later

a girl told something just as well

that i should love another Jezebel

women are a curse

i came trying to rape you, just rape you fine

i came trying to rape you  yes yoooow looking so juicy and fine i came trying to make you  mine i came right right out of my mind

i came destined to chase you down halls of graceless wonders i came wanting to take  you away from this place and time

you went out of your mind when you saw me understanding my intent you came out of this world when you realized just how much i did extend

you came countlesss wonders when your mind i did bent you came countless wonders when over i made you bend

you  screamed to the heavens i called you my little bird you went through the roof as i plucked your every feather you turd