when i am crazy the women i fuck are younger and nates much tighter skin whiter and tits brighter

and when i am plain everybody knows my name and it is lame but there is less blame but i still go insane


gaymen of distinction

the wise old gaymen of distinction, back in my day
would always have a pithy social abstraction
on the way
from their jobs where most were the epitome
of the proletariat-employee going home
not even dainty just flailing
true activists

a few days of smoking weed and drinking underaged
at the homosexual stack with my gay brother
i was the most ungay person in the universe
they were straight with the fact
we both had the understanding that we were not
status-chasing bitches, but had class
in public not to be a political ass

they rebuked me for being a preacher
to never be a preacher as we smoked chronic
and watched A Beautiful Mind
and their hero, Robert De Niro, born in 1943
cultured in their un-fairysaical
true degenerates

the queers today are a bunch of faggots compared
to the wise old gaymen
they probably have churches and they
YELL more flamboyant than ever
SHUT UP NOW EVERYBODY KNOWS, which makes it less gay
the closet is much more jocund

mere shadows of the prior generation
dressed as women, not gaymen
no imagination
just calling everything gay
when it isn’t
until it is

i met an old gaymen the other day
he hit on me
but sounded conflicted
as if he had been put up to it
by a falling crescent

but when he told me that marijuana legal
was more hallowed than marriage regal
i thought


each one in turn will learn
each one will get their urn
the letters that we
right to each other
the letters that are bright and bring light on sight excite on site
and ignite insight delight
the location fascination anticipation


i am a mirror to your soul
and you hate me
i am not seen at all
and you debate me
where am i
why do i seek more
knowledge than you
in an upright way

the hideous lies are your eyes the hideous eyes cries


trick her
your only chances for tits

the year of the tricks as they get stickier and quickier
i quicked her so absurb she seemed
perturbed and burped i perk the clerk with the smirk
it works i eye work the quirk with a jerk lurk (view an internet forum without contributing anything) and a flurt
that hurt that’s a neg you feg
that’s a fag you hag

as i think of how i can convince my ex-hippie (Someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle. also see “hipster”) dad who had
weed back in his day but hey not this new few hay say
and that’s the sales pitch
and he’s a southern preacher snitch
married to a lying christian bitch

i was reminded of that by the word perturbed as my diddy taught me that wurd heard


and the poets came
and came again
like a big ball of jolly wally world

who would have thunk it
dork city is too shitty what a pity diddy
leave me a lone drone go home i wanna bone
with my mona moan mono alone
strong with the thong ping pong song
so wong yet so right white and in flight to night

when i was young and hung strung

moved so slowly and did things that had to
be done
very longly and unsongly for my glee he he see weeeeee

how is it
says he
that all the cool guys with their blue ice eyes
and the sunrise would compromise and all try to find the grooviest
nick name for me see
and when she first met me all she wanted to do
was to do something with that name

i must be today toodee titty
don’t despise your high position solution perdition persecution execution
meet you at the crosswalks
so we’ll always me stonedy
and honey
i own me a you too
And i own the medium so no speediums

why i dont die or cry because they once told me to be
to scold me not to ever repeat repetitive repetition repeating repetitively
but really
it’s like paranoia to euphoria when you smoke’n marijuana
just keep doing it and it becomes funny again gay’n gain sway’n say’n
and so it is with all their assumptions on my presumptions

don’t you luv her sadness

luvly as she may be in misery you still can’t see how she can
deadpan on the sand bend mend
never she did this even long ago
so to my love, don’t let go

let her dance things out angry and sweating pregnant
with me in her brain dances and prances a princess obsessed with
my incest to her dreams and all the things and real diamonds i blow
her mind with my body too and my dream of the thing we can’t break

i slide and watch her cry and hide inside my subside abide wide and confide
oh baby baby runs to me
oh baby baby gets to my soul
oh baby baby said she won’t
let go
oh baby baby go ga ohohohohohoh
baby baby go-ohoh ohohohohohohohoh

grab that cash and make a two-handed-stash
buy a football team. play slots forever
abandon all hope of not fuck’n blond sluts
in the sugar shower tower and bow her over
your knees she says please please and i tease
and shes in a sneeze of cream and butter sputter
tutter totter i taught her to be my luv’n daughter
and bought her the what is the matter with her batter
the way she mixes it and twisted it the dream in my
beam team cream and scream theme

we passed upon the stair stare
she was being raped by her world her situations her relations her elations
her dissipations and yes i had more patience for her
as young as she was and i still a year in waiting
oh the longanimity humanity of it all tall and in the ball

oh baby baby giving that all the way
oh baby baby deep dreams it seems
oh baby baby is on the march
oh baby baby wants equal rights
oh baby baby go rashly hamster go-ohohoh

fat poets

a poet among young poets
a man among sung men
a jesus of the atmosphere
a creator with The Pen
a lightening bolt to your cranium
a load to fill a stadium
a blown up cavity
a blowjob insanity
a rich bitch with a wish
a switch to a hitch fish
a nigger dead in the gutter
a trigger head in the flutter
a dick up the lick like a stick
a quick prick thick and sick
a grip on a trip with a slip
a whip spit on a clit tip
a speedy greedy Archimedes
a dangle tangled triangle
a square over there with his hair
a cat with a smack to the fat rat