and the poets came
and came again
like a big ball of jolly wally world

who would have thunk it
dork city is too shitty what a pity diddy
leave me a lone drone go home i wanna bone
with my mona moan mono alone
strong with the thong ping pong song
so wong yet so right white and in flight to night

when i was young and hung strung

moved so slowly and did things that had to
be done
very longly and unsongly for my glee he he see weeeeee

how is it
says he
that all the cool guys with their blue ice eyes
and the sunrise would compromise and all try to find the grooviest
nick name for me see
and when she first met me all she wanted to do
was to do something with that name

i must be today toodee titty
don’t despise your high position solution perdition persecution execution
meet you at the crosswalks
so we’ll always me stonedy
and honey
i own me a you too
And i own the medium so no speediums

why i dont die or cry because they once told me to be
to scold me not to ever repeat repetitive repetition repeating repetitively
but really
it’s like paranoia to euphoria when you smoke’n marijuana
just keep doing it and it becomes funny again gay’n gain sway’n say’n
and so it is with all their assumptions on my presumptions

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