don’t you luv her sadness

luvly as she may be in misery you still can’t see how she can
deadpan on the sand bend mend
never she did this even long ago
so to my love, don’t let go

let her dance things out angry and sweating pregnant
with me in her brain dances and prances a princess obsessed with
my incest to her dreams and all the things and real diamonds i blow
her mind with my body too and my dream of the thing we can’t break

i slide and watch her cry and hide inside my subside abide wide and confide
oh baby baby runs to me
oh baby baby gets to my soul
oh baby baby said she won’t
let go
oh baby baby go ga ohohohohohoh
baby baby go-ohoh ohohohohohohohoh

grab that cash and make a two-handed-stash
buy a football team. play slots forever
abandon all hope of not fuck’n blond sluts
in the sugar shower tower and bow her over
your knees she says please please and i tease
and shes in a sneeze of cream and butter sputter
tutter totter i taught her to be my luv’n daughter
and bought her the what is the matter with her batter
the way she mixes it and twisted it the dream in my
beam team cream and scream theme

we passed upon the stair stare
she was being raped by her world her situations her relations her elations
her dissipations and yes i had more patience for her
as young as she was and i still a year in waiting
oh the longanimity humanity of it all tall and in the ball

oh baby baby giving that all the way
oh baby baby deep dreams it seems
oh baby baby is on the march
oh baby baby wants equal rights
oh baby baby go rashly hamster go-ohohoh


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