gaymen of distinction

the wise old gaymen of distinction, back in my day
would always have a pithy social abstraction
on the way
from their jobs where most were the epitome
of the proletariat-employee going home
not even dainty just flailing
true activists

a few days of smoking weed and drinking underaged
at the homosexual stack with my gay brother
i was the most ungay person in the universe
they were straight with the fact
we both had the understanding that we were not
status-chasing bitches, but had class
in public not to be a political ass

they rebuked me for being a preacher
to never be a preacher as we smoked chronic
and watched A Beautiful Mind
and their hero, Robert De Niro, born in 1943
cultured in their un-fairysaical
true degenerates

the queers today are a bunch of faggots compared
to the wise old gaymen
they probably have churches and they
YELL more flamboyant than ever
SHUT UP NOW EVERYBODY KNOWS, which makes it less gay
the closet is much more jocund

mere shadows of the prior generation
dressed as women, not gaymen
no imagination
just calling everything gay
when it isn’t
until it is

i met an old gaymen the other day
he hit on me
but sounded conflicted
as if he had been put up to it
by a falling crescent

but when he told me that marijuana legal
was more hallowed than marriage regal
i thought


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