trick her
your only chances for tits

the year of the tricks as they get stickier and quickier
i quicked her so absurb she seemed
perturbed and burped i perk the clerk with the smirk
it works i eye work the quirk with a jerk lurk (view an internet forum without contributing anything) and a flurt
that hurt that’s a neg you feg
that’s a fag you hag

as i think of how i can convince my ex-hippie (Someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle. also see “hipster”) dad who had
weed back in his day but hey not this new few hay say
and that’s the sales pitch
and he’s a southern preacher snitch
married to a lying christian bitch

i was reminded of that by the word perturbed as my diddy taught me that wurd heard


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