sex nightmares

her beauty fulcrum intoxicates incubus
shaving away the phallic thrusts with lust must
i come to you at night and take a bite
you are little and white i am full of
full of          full of          might
you know it’s not right full of fright but your little pussy
is too tight
screaming away your dreams
screaming away your dreams
steam mist fire and crowding
suffocation destination
on top of you i wont let you go
you must give me everything,
10 sons, 3 girls
they will sexually demonize the worlds they are in
with unimaginable stark sexual cruelty they will make all of you
cum cum cum cum cum
with unattainable dark spirituality they will make all of you
one one one one one


you are mine girl

death is a flavor i am your savior

will witness your savor abduct your behavior

make it my mission to cum your submission

wont ask your permission it’s my decision

girl ima ima gonna ima gonna get you with my


girl ima ima gonna ima gonna hit you with my



i am at one with you great men
i am at one with you great dalliances of the atmosphere
i am the god like you of everything great and
too extreme
i am the god of everything great and you
i will make a swooping noise and with great energy
take you over as if i were a brute
or a bully
and almost
rape you in a sense
i am the god of everything you hold dear
i am the god of everything and i will blame you
if you do not make me
                everything I came to
for you.
I told you true.
I am too powerful for you
even you Jew yes you.


this man, he knew everything he could draw a hungry crowd and shout aloud in side and proud

lies can chase you down, but it makes him erase the sound ssss that snakessss makesss that snakesss for heaven’s sakes of wildernesss sparrows he listened to and freed the world from their misery and sin but they would not have him they would not have him the hymn


cut it
that thread is dead fred sped and bled unled
given no head instead
a bruise then ruse refuse choose or lose
artifice party face
the balding little devil with the overexposed
he must be some sort of master disaster and carry on
forever after then blast her craft shaft
discover the language explain edge

laden girl

now i have the momentum um yeah momentum hum hum sum all the tricks and dicks tricks and dicks and licks and slick stick sicks muscles and bones muscles and bones and moans thrashing the hone leaving the girl to attune attone alone

crying about her man daddy who beat and meat her about to shout he was a monster but this ashamed became cum came her and now in trusting thrusting unintentional metaphors I am he in another degree can’t stop when inspiration strikes hits and beats duh duh thud beats out a rhythm slam dance

her mental makeup is a delvish elvish dilemma don’t understand? review her hips and touch her lips with sips love with her can only be this way a means to her end i did not create this abyss cannot abate nor desist the annular twist that exists